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Postponed Performances

Theatre venues and attractions are currently unable to open due to the restrictions in place in England in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whilst long running shows have had performances cancelled, limited run shows have been able to or are looking to reschedule the run to a later date. All confirmed bookings are automatically transferred into the new run on a corresponding date for the majority of shows. 

If your show has been postponed, we will reach out to you - no further action is needed from you at this time. In the first instance, we may only be able to provide you with the information that the producers are planning to reschedule rather than provide you with new booking details. If this is the case, the new booking details will come at a later date. Due to the ongoing situation it may take some time for the production to have it’s new dates confirmed.

In this table you can find the latest information we have on postponed shows.


Postponed to/from datesRescheduled to/from dates
101 Dalmations16-May-202021-Jun-202015-May-202120-Jun-2021
4000 Miles11-Apr-202023-May-2020Awaiting new dates
Aladdin - Pantomime14-Nov-20203-Jan-202113-Nov-20212-Jan-2022
Anything Goes5-Jun-202122-Jul-202123-Jul-202116-Oct-2021
Back To The Future14-May-202119-Aug-202120-Aug-202113-Feb-2022
Cinderella The Musical30-Apr-202124-Oct-2022Awaiting new dates
Come From Away1-Mar-202118-Jun-202128-Jun-202128-Aug-2021
Corteo London24-Jun-20205-Jul-202030-Jun-202111-Jul-2021
Corteo Leeds18-Jun-202021-Jun-202027-Oct-202230-Oct-2022
Dragons and Mythical Beasts11-Aug-20206-Sep-202010-Aug-20215-Sep-2021
Get Up, Stand Up! The Bob Marley Musical2-Jun-202131-Mar-20216-Oct-20214-Jan-2022
Good21-Apr-202117-Jul-2021Awaiting new dates
Jersey Boys14-Apr-202111-Jul-2021Awaiting new dates
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat2-Jul-20206-Sep-20201-Jul-20215-Sep-2021
Life of Pi22-Jun-20204-Oct-202026-Sep-20219-Jan-2022
Local Hero18-Jun-20205-Sep-2020Awaiting new dates
Matilda The Musical2-May-202120-Jun-202128-Sep-202113-Nov-2021
Pretty Woman1-Mar-20217-Jul-2021Awaiting new dates
Romeo and Juliet27-Jun-202025-Jul-202026-Jun-202124-Jul-2021
Russell Howard - Aberystwyth4-Sep-20205-Sep-202027-Jun-202127-Jun-2021
Russell Howard - Brighton12-Jun-202013-Jun-20205-Jun-20216-Jun-2021
Russell Howard - Cheltenham18-Jun-202019-Jun-202025-Feb-202127-Feb-2021
Russell Howard - Cheltenham25-Feb-202127-Feb-20211-Oct-20212-Oct-2021
Russell Howard - Leicester1-Sep-20202-Sep-202017-Apr-202118-Apr-2021
Russell Howard - London18-Sep-202023-Sep-202023-Apr-202129-Apr-2021
Russell Howard - Northampton21-Jun-202021-Jun-202028-Jun-202129-Jun-2021
Russell Howard - Peterborough21-Aug-202023-Aug-20204-Apr-20215-Apr-2021
Russell Howard - Plymouth29-May-202030-May-202029-May-202130-May-2021
Singin' In The Rain24-Jul-202030-Aug-202030-Jul-20215-Sep-2021
Sister Act20-Jul-202129-Aug-202119-Jul-202228-Aug-2022
The Comeback16-Dec-20203-Jan-2021Awaiting new dates
The Drifters Girl1-Oct-202013-Feb-20214-Nov-202126-Mar-2022
To Kill A Mockingbird27-May-202118-Dec-202110-Mar-20221-Oct-2022

Some shows have rescheduled multiple times. For reference only, you can find past rescheduling's below.

Postponed to/from datesRescheduled to/from dates
Anything Goes8-May-20215-Jun-20215-Jun-20213-Jul-2021
Cinderella The Musical6-Oct-202013-Dec-202019-Mar-202124-Oct-2021
Cinderella The Musical19-Mar-202124-Oct-202130-Apr-202113-Feb-2022
Russell Howard - Leicester10-Apr-202011-Apr-20201-Sep-20202-Sep-2020
Sister Act21-Jul-202030-Aug-202020-Jul-202129-Aug-2021
To Kill A Mockingbird21-May-202031-Oct-202027-May-202118-Dec-2021

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